Why Andry Ventures

Why Andry Ventures

“Where some people measure progress in answers-right per test or tests-passed per year, we are more interested in ‘Sistine-Chapel-Ceilings per Lifetime.’”‍ — Alan Kay

Our goal is simple: free orthopedic surgeons to be more ambitious, more creative, and to capture the value of their innovations (rather than submit to a small licensing fee with industry).

The alternative to partnering with industry at the idea stage is to actually build a company around an innovative product, but the status quo route has often been to partner with industry – which often means the downside risk (of loss of financial resources) is often mitigated, but also the upside is significantly capped as well. We won’t be able to advance orthopedics to the places it could and should go if physician innovators don’t build companies instead.

Orthopedic surgeons are remarkable – and our current system is underestimating them. We need a new system, where access to capital isn’t the primary barrier for physician founders to build a company from concept to acquisition (or IPO).

If we’re going to push orthopedic innovation forward, we need to recognize and serve those orthopedic company-builders by providing better alternatives to licensing deals with industry. We need more investors in early-stage orthopedic companies who know the problems being solved, know the market the solutions will enter, and who have the resources to vote on the future of orthopedic innovation with their pocketbooks.

We’re at a unique moment in the life of the orthopedics space to do this. According to Pitchbook (the definitive source of data on private, not public, companies), there have been 166 orthopedic-focused companies who’ve raised the earliest stages of investor funds since October 2021. They will be needing more funds soon, and we’re going to be meeting with every single one of them to determine the best opportunities for investment for our network. This is a rare and unique time – where orthopedic innovation is flourishing, and orthopedic investors can get involved by backing only the most promising projects.

It’s difficult to assess which companies are worthwhile and which are not. It’s even more difficult for busy orthopedic surgeons who may be interested in advancing orthopedics through investment to identify and meet with all the possible investments.

That’s the problem we’re solving at Andry Ventures.

Virtually no orthopedic surgeon has time to meet with 150+ companies (and more) to not only identify who’s doing what, but also to evaluate the companies with a rigorous framework that tests for quality and best-practices. That’s what Andry Ventures is for – we’ll meet the founders, we’ll vet the companies, and present you 1-2 deals per month you can invest in if so compelled (or not! – there’s no obligation to invest as a part of the network).

So –

Are you an orthopedic surgeon interested in advancing the orthopedics space through private investments? Joining our network is a light lift – there’s no major hoops or hurdles to join. Simply email andrew@andryventures.com with a little bit of information about yourself, and we’ll take it from there.

Are you an orthopedic founder building the next big thing in orthopedics? We’d love to speak with you, even if you haven’t raised funds yet. Just email andrew@andryventures.com with information about your company and product, as well as a deck (if you have one), and we’ll go from there.

We’re on a mission to connect orthopedic investors with the most promising early-stage orthopedic ventures in the United States. We’re laser-focused on achieving this mission, and we’re excited about everything to come.

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